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Yes signing up is free. Everything on this website is free and will always be free.

All you need to do is sign up in order to start writing science articles for the science lounge. As a regular user your article will be peer reviewed by an editor before it will published. If you would like to skip this peer review process and directly publish articles you will need to apply for an author position. Contact the admin if you are interested.

The purpose of this website is to allow people from all over the world who are curious about science to gather and discuss and learn about science. Most of the content on here can be read by guests. If you would like to post on the forums or write articles signing up is necessary. 

FAQ stands for frequently asked questions.

Click Photo Album under the site menu on the left. Click New Photo
Now upload your photos either from a saved picture in your computer or from the web. Enter a title and and a description and place it in a category and click Add

The advertisement that displays for guests will be removed once you sign up. You will also get access to member only areas of the site and you'll be able to post on the forums and as well as submit science articles to be peer reviewed for publication. 

To decorate your profile click My Profile
Then Click Edit User Details
In the signature box add your codes. Go here to see what codes you can add

Once you are done with adding codes to your signature then you may click save

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